How to turn on/off music/sound in the game?

Potions are standard game elements which can be collected by combining them in a row of three or more items.

Is there a full-screen mode in the game?

This option can be enabled using the fullscreen button.

This button is situated between the configuration button and return button.

How to pause the game?

To pause the game, you need to click the exit game button in the lower right corner of the screen.

Why do you need mail?

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You will receive gifts from friends in the form of extra lives and resources via mail.

Why do you need friends in the game?

Friends are an integral part of the game. They will send you extra lives and resources. In the game you can compete with friends and also ask them to complete a level for you.

How to invite a friend in the game?

You can invite a friend by sending him or her an invitation from the friend inviting window.

What are gold coins needed for and how to get them?

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Gold coins are needed to buy boosters and resources. You can win them in the Wheel of Fortune, receive as a gift from a friend or buy for votes.

What is a VIP-status and what are its advantages?

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VIP-status is:

+ 10 seconds in time levels

+ 2 turns in turn levels

+ 1 to boss damage 

+ To wizardry art (avatar with “VIP” sign)

How to open a new location?

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A player must complete all the opened levels at least with 1 star.