What is a building?


Buildings are elements which give a permanent bonus if the whole set of them is constructed.

What sets of buildings are there?

Every set of buildings gives certain bonuses:

The Fairy's house - additional turns and time;

The Fountain of Life - bombs on the field;

The Magic Garden - increases the maximum limit of lives;

The Magic Homestead - decreases time needed for getting resources.

What do the buildings include?

The Fairy's house or the Fountain of Life - the Path, the Garden, the Arbor, the Chapel, the House

The Magic Garden - the Flower beds, the Benches, the Lake, the Oak, the Dragon

The Magic Homestead - the Bridge, the Fence, the Dwarfs, the Statue, the Sundial

You cannot have the Fairy's house and the Fountain of Life at the same time.

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